Korean BBQ House
3200 Central Avenue
(505) 338-2424
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Value Score:  7.0
Variety Score:  9.0
Enviroment Score:  7.0
Service Score:  7.0
Food Quality Score:  8.0
Location Score:  9.0
Overall Score:  8.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Korean BBQ & Sushi Buffet

Item Reviewed: Bulgogi Beef, Cowboy Roll
Price Paid: $15-20

This is my second time eating at the Korean BBQ House.

What drew me back, Im not totally sure, the first time I ate here I wasn't overly impressed, but at the same time I was not disappointed either. The location is probably one thing that brought me back. Its located in a area of town right next to the University of New Mexico. The area is called Knob Hill and is part of historic route 66.

The area is filled with all types of restaurants and stores, you can find almost anything in a 5 block area.
What sets the Korean BBQ House apart is the massive sushi menu, combined with a Korean BBQ house.

The wait staff and tables are divided into two sections but if you ask you can order off both menus. Sushi rolls range from $6 for basics to $12 for the more exotic chef specialties. The Korean menu ranges from $7 to $14 for the BBQ dishes.

They do offer a all you can eat Sushi for $22. But there are some catches to it. Chef specialties are limited to 1 roll but basic rolls are unlimited. You can only order 2 times, and you only have 1 hour. Also someone posted online they were charged extra for what they did not eat, and the waitress mentioned to me that if I wanted the buffet to order enough to be full, but not so much I had massive leftovers or I would be charged for whatever I didnt eat. Seeing as how its hard to gauge your hunger, the size of the rolls, and if your even going to like them, plus the fact you only get to order twice, it makes the all you can eat sushi more of a challenge than I was willing to take.

I ordered Bulgogi Beef, with spicy sauce. It came with a bowl of miso soup and steamed rice. I also ordered one of the Chef rolls, the Cowboy Roll. The Bulgogi was good, but not exactly what I was expecting, it wasn't really BBQ or grilled, but more stir fried with vegetables. The Korean BBQ though does come with all the side dishes, bean spouts, kimchi, watercrest, ect.

The Cowboy roll however was great, fried in tempura with crab and cream cheese and a sauce. The roll was a dozen pieces and was worth the $12 price when compared to other sushi rolls I have ordered elsewhere.

Overall I would not recommend the Bulgogi, as it does not seem authentic. The food however even non authentic was good. The selection of items offered is amazing. They offer 2 complete menus, prices are average for sushi or Korean, and service was good.

If your looking to try something new, and maybe walk around a few shops and browse a very eclectic part of town this is the place to come.

Variety: Buffet, Korean, Sushi

Pros: Nice Area of Town, Big Food Selection

Cons: Sushi Buffet is not really practical.

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