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Value Score:  7.0
Location Score:  7.0
Ammenities Score:  6.0
Cleanness Score:  8.0
Service Score:  7.0
Overall Score:  7.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Cheap Rooms in a Ski Town

Item Reviewed: 2 Double Beds
Price Paid: $70

Ruidoso is a ski town, and because its a ski town rates on hotel rooms during the winter are usually high. After calling around the average rate in town was somewhere around $90-110. The $70 rate was a good deal, if you dont mind the short drive to the tourist areas downtown.

This hotel is located on the main highway, but is about a 5 minute drive from the main downtown area. The hotel is close to a shopping strip, a few minutes from the Walmart and across from a steakhouse. The hotel is very clean, one of the newer locations, plenty of parking, and the rooms have an indoor hallway.

The pool and hot tub are also indoors. Another upside is the road this hotel is on is also the main road out to both casinos, about a 5 minute drive to the first one, and 15 minutes to the larger one at the lake.

All in all a decent location, with clean rooms, cheap rates, and decent ammenities. I would recommend this
location to anyone looking to save a few dollars while staying in Ruidoso. Its one of the nicer Motel 6's Ive stayed at.

I was unable to find this location on the motel 6 website, or google. There is another location further east, this location has a holiday inn behind it, and a castle looking building to the side of it.

Ammenities: Hot Tub, Laundrymat, Pool

Pros: Decent Location, Indoor Hallway & Pool


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