Stylus 1030SW Camera
Value Score:  10.0
Comfort Score:  10.0
Features Score:  10.0
Durability:  10.0
Overall Score:  9.9
Reviewed By:Paul
The Perfect Snowboarding Camera

Item Reviewed: Stylus 1030SW Camera
Price Paid: $250

My 3rd Olympus Stylus camera, this one came as no surprise it was good, but I was less careful with this one as it was clearanced and already slightly damaged.

Shock Proof (6 feet drop)
Freeze Proof (15 degrees)
Water Proof (30 feet)
Crush Proof (200 lbs)

In addition to all these great features the camera takes excellent photos, and has a manometer built in. Most people don't even know its there, or what its for. It stamps your photos with the altitude. Now that's cool for a lot of extreme sports.

I purchased this camera from Circuit City during their final clearance. I only paid $96 for this camera, as it had no charger, and the front of the camera was dented up. It looked like a kid had slammed it into the display counter several times.

I powered it up at the store and there was no problems so I purchased it. I figured if it was as rugged as they claimed the dents shouldn't matter. I took it on a snowboard trip just a few days later.

I used the camera on the slopes, in the snow & in and out of my jacket. Inside the lodge from 70 degrees to outside in the wind at 40 degrees, and fog was not much a problem at all.

Now this camera is supposed to be all sorts of indestructible. My previous models were too, but I paid retail for them, and wasn't about to test the claims.

This one however was another story. I took it to the natural hot springs. 113 degree water, loaded with minerals, lime, calcium, salt, & sulfer. I submerged the camera in the pools, shot photos in the steam, kept it on the wall of the pool in 20 degree cold wind with snow coming down, and then submerged it back into water. Thats a 90 degree change in temperature, which had no affect on the camera. I occasionally had to blow water droplets off the lens, but other than that it worked great in the water enviroment.

I was afraid on my previous camera the minerals would discolor the shell, but the short exposure to the minerals seemed to have little to no effect on the body. Extended exposure may be a different story.

Now as far as the impact claims go, a kid tested that for me, the shell has some serious impact dents. As far as freeze proof I tested that on this trip and the previous model which I used at 15 degrees & as for the waterproofing, even with the dents and such, and massive changes in temperature the camera held up to the hard environment I used it in.

I think Olympus has really created a product with this line of cameras that is a perfect fit for those involved in extreme sports. It will hold up to the stress, of a nasty fall, environment changes, and all the elements.

I would definitely recommend this product as well as the previous versions to anyone looking for a rugged camera.

Pros: Waterproof, ShockProof, Freeze Proof


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