Cinch CTL 2006/2007
Value Score:  8.0
Comfort Score:  8.0
Features Score:  9.0
Durability:  7.0
Overall Score:  8.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Cinch Bindings, Is it the right choice?

Item Reviewed: Cinch CTL 2006/2007
Price Paid: $135

Cinch bindings are a fairly new technology. Many people are still riding with fixed back bindings. I saw the advantages to riding with a cinch style binding or collapsable healback.

For those of you unfamiliar with cinch style bindings, the heal which normally only folds foward folds backwards as well. You pull a tab on the back of the binding which releases the healback. You can then pull your boot out of the bindings without unstrapping.

The same goes for inserting your boot, you slide your boot into the binding beneath the straps and then pull the healback up as far as possible. Then using the tab you flip a latch up which locks the back in place. Its a cable tension locked system.

I've been riding with my cinch bindings now for 2 seasons, and I can say there are definite advantages to them. I can easily release my boot while moving and skate up to a lift, this was possible on strapped bindings but alot harder. Also latching in while standing is a cinch. I guess thats why they are called cinch bindings.

On average these bindings shave about 30-45 seconds off latching in at the top of the mountain. I know this because Im usually waiting for people to strap in.

On the downside if you sit down and try to strap in, its nearly impossible. You must be able to reach the latch and loop on the back of the bindings in order to latch in, and while sitting the latch and loop are burried in the snow. You must be standing in order to lock yourself in. Secondly the 06/07 version of these bindings had a small issue where the cable slipped out of its notch. When the binding is unlcoked there is slack in the cable. But when you insert your boot and the back flips up theres very little slack left, then you discover the cable is out of its notch, and must remove your gloves to reposition the cable. I looked at the 07/08 version and this appeared to be fixed, they switched from a notch with an open front, to a notch with a small slot barely large enough for the cable to fit thru, which should almost totally eliminate the cable from escaping.

My cinch bindings are probably one of my favorite pieces of equipment so far. I plan on upgrading to a newer model without the cable issues. But as far as the technology goes, its something I think every rider should try out. Less time strapping in, means more time on the slopes.

Pros: Quick Release, Quick Latch In.

Cons: Cant latch in while sitting, older model has cable problem.

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