National 9
2001 N Main St
(575) 622-0110
Nearest Resort: Ski Apache, NM

Value Score:  8.0
Location Score:  7.0
Ammenities Score:  5.0
Cleanness Score:  5.0
Service Score:  6.0
Overall Score:  6.2
Reviewed By:Paul

Item Reviewed: Standard Room
Price Paid: $45

The National 9 hotel is actually part of a small hotel chain from the central midwest. Even when Roswell has its UFO festival this hotel is one of the last to fill up as its not listed on many websites.

Located on the main street its near many restaurants and stores, a few minutes from the Downtown Roswell area with all the UFO stores, and on the way in or out of town. A great place to stop when traveling across New Mexico for us Texans.

The National 9 offers a minimal continental breakfast (cereal, milk, coffee, juice) wifi access from rooms, and refrigerators. They offer a few kitchenette rooms as well.

However many a person has reviewed this hotel as "dirty" or "poorly kept" on other review sites. I have not seen anything to make me not return. It is "basic accommodations", the hotel is not fancy, for some it may be to "run down" but to me its a great value if your not going to spend your day at the hotel.

Bathrooms are small, rooms are decent size, air conditioning seems to always work amazingly, even in the summer with dry desert heat.

I am unsure if management has changed but I have received a variety of service. Once I talked to a man about my trip, where I was from, and it turned out he knew my neighborhood. Another time I had a sick person, was rushed from my room, and was refused orange juice because breakfast had ended 10 minutes ago.

As you can see a big span of service.
At any rate, its a good place to stop, take a nap on a long drive, browse the downtown, get a bite to eat, and then go on your way. For the money its a decent value.

Ammenities: Fridge, Pool, Wireless Internet

Pros: Cheap, Internet, Refrigerator, On The Main Street

Cons: Somewhat worn down, customer service varies.

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