China King Super Buffet
2810 N Main St # B
(575) 625-9888
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Value Score:  7.0
Variety Score:  8.0
Enviroment Score:  6.0
Service Score:  6.0
Food Quality Score:  6.0
Location Score:  7.0
Overall Score:  7.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Average Buffet

Item Reviewed:
Price Paid: $5-10

We arrived in Roswell about 7:15pm and decided to get dinner somewhere on main street. After driving down the street we decided that a chinese buffet might be the way to go since there would be no wait for the food and we could get back on the road right away.

China King Super Buffet is your standard Chinese buffet. There were a few items on the buffet that were different from other places, a crustless cheesecake that was more like an authentic cheesecake than a ready made, and then there was the mexican beef. A dish that was made with jalapenos and vegetables, and had good flavor.

A few of the food items appeared to have been sitting for a while, for example the black bean dim sum which was chewy.

The overall experience was a good one though. There was really nothing on the menu to set this place apart from other buffets, but Roswell has a somewhat limited selection.

If your looking for a decent Chinese buffet I would recommend this place, its on the main street, the food was good, the price was very affordable, and the selection of items was good.

Variety: Buffet, Chinese

Pros: Good Variety

Cons: No Outstanding Items

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