Chama Grill
2412 S Highway 84
(575) 756-2256
Nearest Resort: Wolf Creek, CO

Value Score:  8.0
Variety Score:  7.0
Enviroment Score:  5.0
Service Score:  6.0
Food Quality Score:  8.0
Location Score:  8.0
Overall Score:  7.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Smothered Burger?

Item Reviewed: Smothered Burger
Price Paid: $5-10

Passing thru Chama, the Chama grill is a small little building next to the gas station at the intersection of hwy 84, the turn off to Wolf Creek.

Late at night this place is one of the few places open late server food on the main stretch of road. Two times I have stopped at this location and ordered the smothered burger. I believe the price has gone up recently. But its still a decent deal.

They have a variety of items, somewhat like a Dairy Queen. They have floats, freezes, malts, burgers, fries, onion rings, pizza, chicken strips, and a whole assortment of other items.

The smothered burger comes in red or green chili. Its your basic burger on a bun, but then a ton of chili, red (meat) chili or green (pepper) chili is poured over the burger, then a bunch of lettuce, and then the top bun. 1 Large burger is pretty much a good meal. I once ate 3 smalls. The large smothered burger runs about $3 as of this review.

Its not the tastiest or best burger Ive ever had, but for the price, and where its at, the late hours and the selection of food, I give this place a recommendation.

Give it a try, maybe you will find something you like, even if its just an ice cream float.

Variety: American, Burgers, Pizza

Pros: Open Late, Wide Selection, Cheap, In a location with little selection.

Cons: Decent Food. Average

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