Thai Cafe
329 W San Francisco St
Santa Fe,NM
(505) 982-3886
Nearest Resort: Ski Santa Fe, NM

Value Score:  8.0
Variety Score:  7.0
Enviroment Score:  7.0
Service Score:  7.0
Food Quality Score:  7.0
Location Score:  7.0
Overall Score:  7.2
Reviewed By:Paul

Item Reviewed: Pad Thai
Price Paid: $10-15

This restaurant is located in the heart of the downtown area, next to banks and offices, and a few blocks away from the market, arts, crafts and tourist areas.

Parking is usually easy to find, no more than around the corner most the time, The problem I've faced a few times when trying to eat here, is that the restaurant is open odd hours. Many times passing thru Santa Fe we made a jog out of our way to get food to find that they were closed for one reason or another. The sign said 11:30 to 9pm but we have only managed to catch them open once out of 4 attempts.

I ordered the Pad Thai the last time I ate there. The flavor was good, and level of spiciness was somewhat low even though I had ordered medium hot. Service was decent, and the food came in a timely manner.

Entrees averaged about $11, Appetizers $5 and sides $2-3. $11 for pad thai is on the upper end scale for Thai food. Im used to paying $8 at most & felt it was a little over priced. But when you want Thai food your limited as to places to eat. And this being the chance time we caught them open the price was no longer a factor.

Of the Thai restaurants in Santa Fe, so far this was one of the better ones I have eaten at.

Variety: Thai

Pros: Downtown Location

Cons: A little pricey, Closed often

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