Rolling Thunder Cafe
14826 State Highway 172
(719) 743-9994
Nearest Resort: Durango, CO

Value Score:  8.0
Variety Score:  7.0
Enviroment Score:  5.0
Service Score:  7.0
Food Quality Score:  8.0
Location Score:  8.0
Overall Score:  7.1
Reviewed By:Paul

Item Reviewed: Enchilada Plate, Buffet
Price Paid: $10-15

I've eaten at the Sky Ute Casino twice, but not recently. The Rolling Thunder Cafe is the larger of the food places in this location. The first time I ordered an enchilada plate. I never order Mexican food in Colorado. Being from Texas you just can't find good Mexican food when you travel north. I've had some horrible plates of food delivered to my table. At the Sky Ute Casino this wasn't the case.

I asked the waiter, how are the enchiladas? they said good. I said really good? Im from Texas.. and the waiter said well.. We've had some people tell us they were good. I think you might like them. So I figured Id give them a try.

I was surprised when I cut the enchilada open, expecting ground beef or cheese inside, I found shredded tender beef like what you would find in a tamale. The enchiladas came topped
off with a chili sauce, and sides of rice and beans.

The enchiladas had really good flavor. Most mexican food up north is rather bland, and these had a good blend of spices and flavor, the rice was good as well.

When the meal was done I told the waiter, please tell the chef that those were the best enchiladas Ive had outside of Texas, and better than many Ive had in Texas.

The second time I visited the casino they were offering buffets. So I gave the buffet a try, it was ok, I dont have anything good or bad to say about it. Selection was mediocre, and food was of average buffet quality. I was impressed alot more with the previous enchilada plate I had.

I wouldn't hesitate to go back and order the mexican food again, assuming the menu hasn't changed. They have since renovated, changed restaurants and opened a new casino location with more buffets since I last dined at the old casino. Hopefully the new changes have improved the buffet & menu selections.

Variety: American, BBQ, Buffet, Homestyle, Mexican, Seafood, Steak

Pros: Great Enchiladas, Discount With Slot Club

Cons: Buffet had a limited selection

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