Apple Tree
123 Bent St
(575) 758-1900
Nearest Resort: Taos, NM

Value Score:  7.0
Variety Score:  8.0
Enviroment Score:  7.0
Service Score:  7.0
Food Quality Score:  8.0
Location Score:  8.0
Overall Score:  7.5
Reviewed By:Paul

Item Reviewed: Mango Chicken Enchiladas
Price Paid: $10-15

I was new to Taos, snowboarding had never been allowed, and now was the chance to try some new places to eat. I heard good things about many restaurants, but only a handful were recommended repeatedly. The Apple Tree was one of them.

Why is it called the Apple Tree? well if you decide to take your dining experience outdoors you sit in a courtyard surrounded by the restaurant on 2 sides and an adobe wall on the other 2, in the center of the courtyard is an apple tree, The outdoor dining area is really unique.

The menu is diverse, with a wide selection of items, from shrimp enchiladas, to burgers, steaks, and mexican food. Being from south Texas Im always reluctant to order Mexican food when I travel north, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the mango chicken enchiladas.

I ordered a Apple Tea mix that I cant remember the name of, but its one of their specialty items, its a mix of particular tea, and apple juice, the 2 sit stacked and produce a bright color. Very sweet, alot of fruit flavor.

I would recommend anyone traveling in Taos give this place a try. A unique experience in dining and food.

Variety: American, Bar, Burgers, Homestyle, Mexican

Pros: Wide Variety, Good Food, Decent Price

Cons: None

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