Steamworks Brewing Company
801 E 2nd Ave
(970) 259-9200
Nearest Resort: Durango, CO

Value Score:  9.0
Variety Score:  10.0
Enviroment Score:  9.0
Service Score:  8.0
Food Quality Score:  10.0
Location Score:  8.0
Overall Score:  9.0
Reviewed By:Paul
Steamworks Durango, We made 2 trips.

Item Reviewed: Seafood Boil, Blue Cheese Steak
Price Paid: $20-30

We drove from Pagosa Springs to Bayfield to eat at the Steamworks, but when we arrived the parking lot was almost empty. We walked inside and found the dining area was gone, and the kitchen looked abandoned. We grabbed a seat at a table, and looked at the menu which was only a few items to discover that the restaurant was no more. The bartender informed us the restaurant had closed and we would have to visit the Durango Location.

We arrived in Durango about 20 minutes later, many people had told me in the past the Durango location had better food. So I ordered the seafood boil again, as I did at the Bayfield location so many times. The boil was as remembered and was great.

Everyone else at my table ordered different items and all commented that it was some of the best food they had ever had. Everyone was overly pleased.

So 2 days later we visited again. This was an hour drive at least from where we were staying. But everyone wanted to order another item, as they were all impressed by the first visit. So on my second trip, I ordered the Blue Cheese Crusted Steak. Now you gotta be a big fan of blue cheese because it was really layered on top of the steak, and on top of that was a brown gravy. The blue cheese overpowered the flavor of the steak. It was good, but I probably wouldn't order it again due to the very strong flavor of the cheese.

Everyone once again was overly happy. One person ordered the same item from their first visit.

Our only complaint over both these visits was from the dinner visit. Our waitress was slow at refills, and we had a 30 minute wait to be seated. On our lunch visit everything was good.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. Even if your not staying in Durango.. Its worth the trek out to get some great food.

Variety: American, Bar, Burgers, Cajun, Homestyle, Italian, Seafood, Steak

Pros: Awesome Food, Good Enviroment.

Cons: Little Pricey, Little Crowded.

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